Techniques teeth whitening

Looking for a star smile but you do not dare open your mouth, complexed with the color of your teeth? Effective whitening techniques can help you . AuFeminin gives you all the necessary information before making your choice.

teeth whitening - Technical teeth whitening
teeth whitening
Principle of tooth whitening

Teeth often gradually change color over time or according to our way of life . To display a bright and white smile , there are several techniques.

Tooth whitening (or tooth whitening ) can be done at the dentist or at home. In case 2 , it is clear staining of enamel and dentine with a lightening gel based hydrogen peroxide ( or hydrogen peroxide) or powder agent.

The lightening agent used may be more or less concentrated depending on the degree of whitening desired . The latter can also be accentuated by the use of a source of light or heat by the dentist .

If they are a rather yellow color , whiten your teeth will prove simpler than if they are rather gray operation. Moreover , the application of the brightening agent will more easily teeth homogeneous hue .

It is important to note that only natural teeth can be whitened . This technique also works well on devitalized teeth.

Finally, teeth whitening is painless. However, this technique can make teeth sensitive for a while. Do not worry, this is a relatively common side effect therefore only temporary.


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